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Folio in the South Asia and Middle East

9 Feb '20

I would like to work for Arabic and Urdu languages support for Folio Community as I’m an experienced librarian with strong Library Systems Implementation background in Middle East and Pakistan.

10 Feb '20

Hello, Haider—welcome to the FOLIO Project! I have sent an invitation to join Lokalise to contribute to the Arabic and Urdu languages. Arabic is quite complete at this point (with gratitude to colleagues from Knowledgware Technologies in Saudi Arabia). Urdu is a completely new language for the FOLIO Project, so there is a lot to be done there.

We are using Lokalise to manage the translation of strings for the FOLIO Project. We don’t have any FOLIO-specific documentation for Lokalise; Lokalise offers a getting started for translators document that walks through the user interface.

On behalf of the worldwide FOLIO community, thank you for offering your expertise to the project.

11 Feb '20

Dear Peter,

Thanks for your email and accepting my request for contributing in Folio project. I’ve started translating and love to contribute on any other activities as well.

Best Regards,