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New FOLIO demo site available in Spanish

10 Feb '20

Hi there,

here you are a new demo site in Spanish (Edelweiss version)


diku_admin / admin


23 Sep '20

Hi scanbit. Is it possible to share the spanish file to create a copy for LATAM spanish?

23 Sep '20

Translations of the Spanish-Spain language for edelweiss are already uploaded to lokalise. We are now finishing the ones for the latest versions.

If you have a running Folio, we can provide you the json that are uploaded to Lokalise to replace them in your installation.

Have a nice day,

PS. Please, contact @peter to copy the language on Lokalise.

24 Sep '20

@jalexsc: There is an autofill rule in Lokalise so that changes made to es are copied to both es_ES and es_419.

If you would like, I can make a one-time copy of es_ES to es_419 with the “Override” turned off so that the copy won’t modify anything that is in es_419 right now.