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Difference between MARCcat app and Inventory app

17 Feb '20

Hi Peter,
Can you point out to me the difference between MARCcat and Inventory function? And relate between them.
Usually, you can add an item to bib record. But in the FOLIO, I see add item button in records of Inventory function, that Inventory not standard cataloging by MARC. Also, I don’t search bib records in the inventory function.

It would be great if you could show me the Inventory process.

Very thanks!

17 Feb '20

FOLIO’s data model is set up to accommodate metadata formats other than MARC. Each metadata format would have its own editor (MARCcat for MARC, for instance); someone could create a Dublin Core editor, and there has been talk of a BIBFRAME editor. Metadata from each of these formats is transformed into the general-purpose Inventory app metadata scheme. The Inventory app metadata scheme is not as complex as MARC and BIBFRAME, but it is expressive enough for different metadata formats to use.

I took your question from the previous thread on Discuss and created this new thread in the Metadata Management SIG category. One of the members of that SIG probably has a more complete answer or can point you to documentation that describes the differences.

17 Feb '20

This outline of Inventory might be helpful: https://wiki.folio.org/display/FOLIOtips/Inventory

In brief, Inventory stores bibliographic metadata but it is not a cataloging tool. MARCcat will be one option for creating, storing, and editing MARC data in FOLIO.