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I want to learn how to use folio on my library

19 Apr '20

Hi all

I am librarian and i want to use Folio on my library by my own experience, I can learn programming


21 Apr '20


Welcome :slight_smile:

Where are you in the learning ? How can we help you ? Do you have a specific question ?

You can begin with exploring the demo websites.
You will find links and credits on the page https://wiki.folio.org at “Demo Sites”.

Source code is here: https://github.com/folio-org/
You can begin in launching a vagrant box and exploring the virtual environment. https://app.vagrantup.com/folio/boxes/Q1-2019


22 Apr '20


I don’t know from where to start, how can I use , download it, everything


22 Apr '20

Hello, Nahed. FOLIO is a complex system with many different technologies coming together to make the system work. If you are just learning programming, I would suggest starting with tutorials in the JavaScript or Java programming languages, and then build up your skills by reviewing the FOLIO source code. The JavaScript programming language is used for the parts of FOLIO that run in the web browser, and the Java programming language is used for the back-end server components. It is rare that someone specializes in both of these skills. All of the FOLIO software development teams have combinations of programmers the specialize in Java or JavaScript.

Best Regards,


22 Apr '20

thank you my friend for your great reply, I have basic on JAVA and some in basic, so I can understand if I continue, the point I want to build good and great portal to my Library, it is challenging I want hope I can win and do it.