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Is there any app such as Create Lists / Review Files of Sierra ?

4 May '20

Create Lists / Review Files is a powerful function of Sierra.

Our staff use this function serveral times to process bib, patron, order, item records everyday.
Is there any app such as Sierra Create Lists / Review Files ?

6 May '20

I asked for that sort of functionality here:

Maybe you could add comments there.

7 May '20


I see my link didn’t make it for some reason. It was UXPROD-1722 Bulk Data Edits.

I was really thinking about Global Update, but Create Lists is part of it.

8 May '20

Hi Lloyd,

Thanks for the information. I’ll check it.
Global Update is also a great function of Sierra.



20 May '20

In FOLIO, there is not yet a central concept like Create Lists, even though things are getting closer, especially with the recent developments in the Data Export module.
Data export lets you query Inventory, and then export the results as MARC21 bibliographic records. I think you should take a look at that.

FOLIO, in general, has very good support for querying individual modules through the cql query language. Some modules expose the advanced queries through the UI, and for some modules, it is only possible to achieve through OKAPI

More on CQL is found at https://dev.folio.org/reference/glossary/

20 May '20

Hi ttolstoy,

Thanks for the information.
I’ll take a look at Data export and see if it is easy to do daily work.

21 May '20

From this it sounds like it would be possible to create an outside application that could be built for daily work. Maybe a MarcEdit plugin?

10 Sep '20

I wish that was true since that would help initial data migration as well. Unfortunately (for this area of work), the architecture prevents you from throwing MARC at an endpoint and getting them imported nicely. I guess @Ann-Marie can help shed more light on this, but as far as I understand it, it cannot be done by external systems without some level of effort since there are a couple of steps involved.

Depending on what you want to do, you could achieve this by using the storage APIs, but then you would sidestep the Export/Import modules.