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How to test GoKB with FOLIO

5 May '20


We have downloaded Folio to try it out at our library, and are trying to figure out how to get GoKB to work in the test environment. We have GoKb_TEST added on the “External data source” page, but we think we need to add something under “Principal” and “Credentials”. Do we need an API key for GoKB, and where do we get that?

Thank you

5 May '20

Hi and welcome @nwiberg

You don’t need an API key for GOKb. The settings you need to fill out are:

Type = org.olf.kb.adapters.GOKbOAIAdapter
Record type = Package
URI = <gokb OAI endpoint URL for packages - will end with /oai/index/packages>
Is Active = Yes (otherwise it won’t harvest from it)
Supports harvesting = Yes
Activation enabled = No (this setting not currently used)
List prefix =
Full prefix = gokb
Principal =
Credentials =

Let me know if you have any problems - and feel free to join the Folio slack (https://slack-invitation.folio.org) and ask me on there - there is a #gokb-community channel where others can also help and share experience

5 May '20

Hi and thank you for your response!

The only thing that we didn’t have put in correctly was the “Activation enabled”, but changing that didn’t help. I’ll join the slack and continue my questions there. Thank you for the invite. :slight_smile: