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2016-09-28 - Forum Facilitators - FOLIO Wiki

29 Sep '16


Resources mentioned during the meeting

Discussion items

Item No.ItemNotes1Dates for upcoming meetings (current week’s facilitator becomes next week’s minute-taker)2Facilitators’ wiki:Final minutes are posted in Wiki: https://wiki.folio.org/display/FACILITATORS/2016-09-21Suggested process is to initiate minutes in Google docs and then post final version in wiki3Communicating and marketing the FOLIO Community Forums Tamir asked about whether we should use time to discuss marketing but Mike said we’ll retain this meeting slot for Forum planning and preparations. Mike mentioned the trello board as a tool used to communicate re: marketing.4Review for Folio Forum Oct. 5th: Integrating the Library into New Methods of ResearchKristin will be moderator, Doreen will be technical supportFormat: will the Forum be 60 minutes and then Q&A Need anything else?We had agreed at last week's meeting that the Forums will continue to be 90 minutes and, if suitable, will end earlyhttps://trello.com/b/A27ucwg8/events Trello board as a tool to publicize the Forum5Comments from today’s LJ webinar: FOLIO: Reimagining Library Technology 6Future Forums: Oct. 19th Forum: Kabalog, SIGs after that?Community use of code (Nov 2?)- Simon, MichelleThis date is during the Charleston ConferenceFollow up to Charleston conference or streaming from Charleston?Other ideas?Topics for consideration: The Catalog (who to speak?); what has inspired the development of FOLIO (changing workflows, resources, services (e.g. IRs, research data mgt, open access publishing, linked data)); ER&L presentation (panel incl Curtis Thacker (BYU), Robert McDonald (IU), et al); Slack forums (panelists: Kristin Martin and Ken Chad)Kabalog: architecturally significant to how FOLIO is being built; multiple metadata standards;Potential panelists:ask Mark?ACTION ITEM: Kristin will reach out to MarkVince (EBSCO) has had interesting comments on the documentSusan Pilske (sp?)Seb HammerMicroservices?Review of outstanding questions (e.g. in discuss.folio.org) that could be analyzed for covering a specific subject area?; a regular Community Forum for FOLIO update (newsletter approach to a Forum)?AMIGOS--platform presentation; Ken Chad: http://www.kenchadconsulting.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Platforms_for_Libraries_AmigosConference_KenChad_15Sept2016.pdf Outreach to other countries (e.g. a German language Forum?)Current OLE members: what would they want to share with the community, reflections on the history of OLE and the new direction

Action items

  • In wiki, make clear that our meeting is weekly; include link to webex for anyone who would want to join
  • Peter Murray and Doreen Herold will discuss page navigation on the wiki
  • Tamir Borensztajn will establish a separate marketing meeting
  • Kristin Martin needs a bio for Jacob
  • Kathleen McEvoy noted that more communications (e.g. tweets) will be issued to register for this Forum. At this point, there are 56 registrants, primarily from .edu; we’d like to see more from other areas (e.g. EU)
  • Everyone will review discuss.folio.org to cull potential topics/questions
  • Holly Mistlebauer to ask Technical Review Team about possible Forum for Nov. 2nd? Michelle has this on her agenda for tomorrow’s Tech Review Team meeting. Holly will discuss with OLE Developer group at their meeting tomorrow
  • Peter Murray to send JavaScript comment snippet to Michael Winkler for the OLE blog
  • Holly Mistlebauer will add “OLE/FOLIO in the News” to the weekly status report.

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