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FOLIO Forum — What’s new in FOLIO Inventory and QuickMARC Demonstration

6 May '20

May 20, 2020


This Forum focuses on recent updates to Inventory and the new quickMARC editor. Inventory is one of the apps which has been around since the beginning of FOLIO. We continue to improve usability and enhance the functionality in Inventory, especially the integration between Inventory and other apps like Orders, Data Import, Data Export, and quickMARC. Charlotte Whitt shows the latest design updates and present new search capabilities. The demonstration includes how to search in Inventory and generate an output file for Data Import, how to link preceding and succeeding journal titles, and more.

quickMARC is a lightweight MARC editing tool. Stephanie Buck leads the demo of this new tool meant to edit MARC bibliographic records already in existence in Source Record Storage (SRS). See quickMARC functionality, and learn how to access and use it to make simple updates to the MARC SRS and Inventory records.

Charlotte’s Inventory presentation: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1hnufCGNnkOh9loa_OpapJDPNwBO-nQy0aVYVINhG618/edit


  • Charlotte Whitt, Index Data. Product Owner for Inventory
  • Stephanie Buck, EBSCO Information Services, Product Owner for QuickMARC