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FOLIO Forum — Circulation Rules Exploration

24 Nov '20

December 2, 2020


A two-part FOLIO forum series, examining the construction of circulation rules in FOLIO and their underlying settings.

The first session, held on December 2nd, was a panel discussion. Cheryl Malmborg, product owner for Circulation Rules and Policies, began by discussing the settings that comprise circulation rules and how to establish settings and configuration in the Circulation Rules editor. Then, representatives from Chalmers University of Technology and Missouri State University walked attendees through the logic behind their circulation rules, the process of implementing them, and provided a demo of their environments.

The second session, held on December 7, was an open discussion. Institutions that were currently implementing FOLIO circulation modules can come with questions to ask Cheryl and participating live libraries. The recording is available on the FOLIO shared folder.


  • Cheryl Malmborg, University of Chicago
  • Lisa Sjögren, EBSCO Information Systems (formerly Chalmers University of Technology)
  • Maryam Vardeh, Chalmers University of Technology
  • Brooks Travis, Missouri State University