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Site demo for WEBPAC

18 Feb '21

Hi all,

I have viewed the demo pages for Folio from address “https://wiki.folio.org/”. But I have not found any page for WebPAC of Folio or documentations for patron. Looking forward to receiving the help from everyone.

Thanks all!

19 Feb '21

FOLIO does not come with a web-based, patron-facing OPAC. The idea is that you use one of the existing OPAC:s or Discovery systems on the market and integrate FOLIO with it. Like EDS, VuFind etc.

I know that EDS has been working well with FOLIO for more than a year now, but for other systems I am not up to date.

19 Feb '21

As @ttolstoy said, FOLIO itself does not come with a patron-facing catalog interface. For Index Data clients, we have been using VuFind quite successfully. To the best of my knowledge, there is not a community-managed demonstration of a VuFind/FOLIO combination, but I would be happy to show you the Index Data demonstration. (I’m sure @ttolstoy would be happy to connect you to someone for an EBSCO Discovery Service demonstration, too.)

22 Feb '21

Hi @ttolstoy and @peter,

Ohhh, it’s special. I am wondering why Follio doesn’t provide a separate lookup interface for patrons :slight_smile:

I used to use EDS and Vufind. However, I would be very glad if you could show for me the Index Data demonstration about them so I can understand more about the integration

Very thanks!

22 Feb '21

Not that it’s special. FOLIO was designed as a back-office system for library staff. Libraries can add any patron-facing discovery layer that they prefer.

23 Feb '21

Ok @Ann-Marie. I understand this matter. However, I think it would be better if we have a user-designed webpac interface that comes with Folio, forming a complete software solution like other library service platforms, like Sierra for example.