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Ask for precision about a term to be translated in French

10 Dec '21

can someone explain what is a Fund in FOLIO ? I would like to understand in order to translate that term in French.
Thank you.

10 Dec '21

Hi Dominique. A fund is “A fiscal entity used to track transactions against a general purpose or function within a ledger. Funds are associated with only one ledger. Fund information persists from year to year as new budgets are created for the fund each year.”

The FOLIO documentation is growing, and often it can be used to see how terms are used. For instance, the above definition came from the Finance page of the documentation. For some apps, there is not documentation yet. Another place to look is the Information, Tips, and Tricks section of the wiki.

5 May '22

@dominique.girod there is also a glossary on the documentation page that may be of use - Glossary | FOLIO Documentation