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FOLIO and Discovery Index

13 Apr '22

Hi all,

Recently a lurker on the FOLIO project, and long time E-Resources and Discovery Librarian in Minnesota, US! After some digging around in the documentation and forums on this site, I haven’t been able to find much information about what FOLIO uses as a metadata index for e-resources. I see that FOLIO is not really intended to include a discovery layer solution; however, it does serve as an ERMS and knowledge base, correct?
I guess my question is; what does FOLIO use or is intended to use as an equivalent to, say, Ex Libris’s Central Discovery Index (CDI), for enabling full text article level discovery? Or is this understood to be on the discovery layer side of things and thus outside FOLIO’s scope?

Thank you!


20 Apr '22

Hi Zorian. Welcome to the FOLIO Project. FOLIO has two ways right now to handle electronic resource metadata. One is to use an API to connect to a knowledgebase resource and store the subscription and licensing information in FOLIO; this works right now with the GoKB knowledgebase (see the documentation about local KB administration). The other way is to have all of the knowledgebase and package subscription information external with a FOLIO app that serves as a user interface to that external source (see the eHoldings app documentation for how this works with the EBSCO KB).