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Vote for FOLIO-related sessions at Electronic Resources & Libraries 2017

19 Oct '16

Voting for the ER&L 2017 conference is going on this week. Please visit the conference link below and vote for sessions submitted by FOLIO (listed below). Spread the word to help these sessions get in the conference program.


These sessions are listed on the 9th (last) page of the Google Form listed at the URL above.

Are platforms eating the world?

Presenters will look at disruptive forces in the library technology industry, discuss how the Integrated Library System (ILS) may give way to a new paradigm where a platform with a multitude of applications may deliver new services to users, and look at changes that are underway in our industry today.

Bibliographic and Entitlement Records Under One Roof: The Making of a Kabalog

Panelists will discuss how FOLIO – a global community of libraries, vendors and individual contributors building an open platform for rethinking workflows, systems and services – conceives of a ‘Kabalog’, a unified data model and infrastructure for conventional bibliographic metadata and e-resource knowledge bases to harmonize needs of catalogs and knowledge bases.

Let’s think – and work – outside the box. Literally.

Panelists will discuss libraries’ reliance on monolithic ILS/LSPs, workflow solutions that address requirements outside the ILS/LSP, areas where the ILS/LSP is required yet should constitute only a small component of overall workflow and budget and new services that may emerge in a world no longer centered on traditional ILS/LSP workflows.