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Copenhagen Meet-up: End of Day 1 thoughts on topics for day 2

19 Oct '16

At the end of the first day of the Copenhagen FOLIO meet-up, the attendees listed these ideas as possible topics for the second day.

  • How flexible is the data model? Can I put things other than MARC in it and deal with the data?
  • Need more about APIs and interfaces. How will FOLIO integrate with other systems? How do we get metadata from GoKB or EBSCO or other places? How will it handle data interchange from many sources? (What are the target systems and interchange formats?)
  • In addition to APIs for communication with the outside world (above), how are APIs being used for efficient communication within the FOLIO system?
  • Thoughts on how to handle holdings and items. The project has been looking at how digital entitlements and physical holdings are similar at a conceptual level. Can holdings data and knowledge bases be merged?
  • How can FOLIO be used to leverage groups of libraries? (by region or by topic/academic-discipline)

Other ideas? Add them as replies to this topic.

19 Oct '16

From earlier in the day:

  • Digital preservation; container standards, passing objects through to other systems
  • Privacy and encryption
  • Use of linked data and triplestores by FOLIO
  • User behavior tracking and analytics of the FOLIO system
  • Innovation with domain experts

Thanks @marcjohnson and @Christopher_Spalding.

20 Oct '16

Also to add:

  • Integration with discovery and opportunities to improve on this service
  • Deployment models - hosted, on premises, or hybrids