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Folio Installation SLES 15

22 Jul '22

Hello all,

we are planning to install a POC from Folio. I have found the following installation instructions:

We are using SLES 15.3 server without direct internet connection.
Is there any possibility of offline installation on SLES?

Thanks and greetings

22 Jul '22

What is SLES?

Offline installations are (theoretically at least, I doubt many folks have tried) possible.

Some of those instructions will need to be amended / extended.

Off the top of my head, at least two things will need to change:

  • The module descriptors cannot be pulled from Okapi, they will need to be copied to that system and registered with Okapi manually
  • To use the docker based Okapi deployment, the docker images will need copying to that machine (I don’t know enough about Docker or SLES to know if that’s practically possible)
22 Jul '22

++@marcjohnson. SLES is SuSE Linux Enterprise Server. I have years ago successfully installed FOLIO on SLES and I even found a documentation which is still in the Wiki, although 4 years old: Single server installation at hbz - System Operations and Management SIG - FOLIO Wiki . I later moved to Ubuntu, because there was more documentation for this, and now I even write my documentations for Ubuntu. — Installing offline sounds like a challenge.

27 Jul '22

Hm. interesting idea. You would have to install required packages AND get all required docker images on the machine somehow. And the module descriptors. And so on… And then you would have a one-user library system, because of no internet. If that is your only machine at hand, then you would be unable to google and/or ask if you run into problems too.
So some kind of possibility, hm… maybe.
Why are you trying to do this ? Some kind of penance for your past or upcoming sins ?