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current state of LDAP and SSO

31 Aug '22

Best practice for LDAP and SSO

We would like to integrate our institutional LDAP Server to our future FOLIO System
The institutional LDAP mainly stores Patrons are there any connectors FOR LDAP which I only need to configure?
A simple batch job could be use to copy users periodically to create new accounts on FOLIO.
Are there connectors to integrate SSO capabilities to allow the use of identity Providers like shibboleth

Iam not aware if such a feature exists


31 Aug '22

Hi @jaoh - FOLIO has a bulk user import module you could take a look at - GitHub - folio-org/mod-user-import: Import new or already existing users

There is configuration support for SSO - see Settings > Tenant | FOLIO Documentation for the basics. Probably the best resource for that would be the #sys-ops channel in the FOLIO slack community.