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changing patron group contents globally

10 Dec '22


I want to change eg patron group options from ’ alpha ’ to ‘beta’ for all group constituents.
Can I do that globally instead of going through individual patrons one by one?

13 Dec '22

Are you trying to change the alpha patron group to become the beta patron group or trying to move some of the users from patron group alpha to beta?

I’m asking because the approach taken could differ between the two.

13 Dec '22

Thanks Marc.

Eg users belonging to patron group ‘red’

patron group red
patron group yellow

So I want to change all users in a patron group red to the patron group yellow

without having to go into each user changing it from red to yellow, one by one.

I hope that’s clearer.


14 Dec '22

I’m not sure. I think I might not have shared the reasoning for my question. I’ll try an example.

Let’s say we have 15 users who are red, 0 users who are yellow. And we want to move all of the users from red to yellow.

In that scenario, this could be accomplished by renaming the red patron group to yellow.

Is that the situation you are describing?

I’m guessing this isn’t the case. Do you already have other users that are yellow?

And that means you cannot change the definition of the groups, instead have to move some (or all) of the red users to yellow. Does that better fit the scenario you have?

14 Dec '22

You may want to ping Magda Zacharska, the P.O. for Bulk Edit. I think patron group is a change you can do via Bulk Edit now.

Ann-Marie Breaux

14 Dec '22


So I’ve 50 users as Patron Group ‘Dasher’

when in fact they should all be Patron Group ‘Blixen’.

How do I accomplish this at a stroke - instead of going through each one and changing from Dasher to Blixen singly?!

14 Dec '22

Thank you Ann Marie

would you know please how may I ping/contact her?

14 Dec '22

I think I misunderstood your question and that my follow up questions are not helpful.

I suggest following @Ann-Marie 's advice. And I shall drop out of this conversation.

16 Dec '22

FOLIO provides a way to do this as of the Morning Glory release, with the new Bulk Edit app. You provide a list of user UUIDs or user barcodes, and FOLIO gives you a CSV file with the user information. You then edit the CSV file to change the patron group for your records, and reupload the CSV file, and FOLIO makes the changes.

The Bulk Edit documentation has some basic guidance - Bulk Edit | FOLIO Documentation. That’s where I would recommend that you start.