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Code4Lib voting for main conference sessions happening through December 7th

18 Nov '16

The Code4Lib community is voting now on proposals for the main conference presentations for its meeting in Los Angeles in early March 2017. The FOLIO community has submitted one proposal for the main conference: Apps on a Platform: Thinking Outside the Monolithic Box

Apps on a platform is a growing paradigm – iOS and Android, Salesforce’s Force, and Google’s G Suite are examples. FOLIO is an app platform created for the needs of libraries. With built-in support for descriptive metadata, patrons, and other library-related content types, FOLIO provides a toolkit for app developers to build new functionality atop traditional data sources. FOLIO is also a user-experience-centered project; the user interface is designed and tested first using a prototyping tool and then the code is created to match. The platform is providing libraries an avenue for thinking “outside the monolithic box” for new ways to provide services to patrons.

Participants will learn how the user interface prototype informs code development and how data in the domain models are expressed within the RESTful microservices. Participants will also learn about the roadmap for the platform and app development through to the minimum viable product expected in 2018. Lastly, participants will hear about the community of users engaging in FOLIO development and how to join in.

Log into your existing Code4Lib account or create a new account to cast your vote. Also don’t forget to vote for the preconferences; voting for preconferences is open through Tuesday, November 22, 2017.