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Privacy birds-of-a-feather discussion

29 Nov '16

This topic is for discussion of the Privacy SIG charter. You are invited to read and make edits on the draft proposal-for-engagement, attend the WebEx meeting to discuss (details below), and post your comments here.

WebEx meeting: Tuesday, December 6, 2016, at 10:00 am Eastern Standard Time (New York, GMT-05:00). Meeting number (access code): 627 153 972. Meeting password: baton-comic. Online meeting link (including link to download calendar event).

5 Dec '16

Based on a document that the Forum Facilitators SIG created that contained a section on commitments for SIG members, I’ve added a similar section to the Privacy SIG:

  • The working group will likely meet weekly for several months to develop the whitepaper, then occasionally to respond to requests from other SIGs and to update the whitepaper.
  • A subset of the SIG will be asked to write and/or edit the privacy whitepaper.
  • SIG members will be called upon as experts in other FOLIO SIGs to make presentations, review documentation and code, and answer questions about privacy needs.
  • A SIG member will serve as the convener of the SIG (see definition in the Product Council SIG documentation), a SIG member will be asked to participate on the FOLIO Forum Facilitators SIG (details), and a SIG member will be asked to report progress to the Product Council. One or more than one person may fill each of these roles, and a person may fill more than one role.
  • Participants are expected to have knowledge or access to knowledge about professional practices and regional requirements.

There is still some overlap with the User Management SIG definition that needs to be resolved, but I think it makes sense for this SIG to move forward because it will be a source of specialized knowledge about privacy in various regions to the other SIGs. If anyone is interested, please comment here or join the call tomorrow. (Details in the first post on this topic.)