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Try it out: FOLIO Demo System

20 Dec '16

We’ve been working on building a “black box” FOLIO demonstration system, to give developers and the generally curious an opportunity to see a full-stack system in action. We’ve put our work out as Vagrant boxes on Atlas at https://atlas.hashicorp.com/folio. Feel free to take it for a spin! To try it out, make a new directory, cd into it, and then try:

$ vagrant init folio/folio-demo
$ vagrant up

You should get a FOLIO system with Okapi running on http://localhost:9130 and Stripes running on http://localhost:3000, both ports forwarded to the host system.

It’s a very thin thread, currently, including the work-in-progress on Okapi, the mod-users storage module, and the ui-users Stripes module.

For more information, and to see how the boxes are built, check out the folio-ansible project on GitHub.

For more information about Vagrant, see the Vagrant home page.