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2017-02-24 Internationalization SIG Meeting Agenda and Notes

23 Feb '17

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Date, Time and Connection Details

24 Feb 2017 at 12:30pm UTC (7:30am Eastern U.S. time). The meeting will be held using Zoom meeting: https://zoom.us/j/8077713440



Discussion items

TimeItemWhoNotes5 minNew Member IntroductionAllWelcome to Massoud M. ALShareef, joining our meeting for the first time40 minReview Internationalization tabReviewed the items above the release-one line. Next week we will review items below the line for adjustment and to see if any of them need to be in the first release.

Action items

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24 Feb '17

Ack! Well the meeting ended, I guess. Will we pick up next week where we left off this week? Ann-Marie

24 Feb '17

Yes, and we will also start recording the meetings for later review by those that can’t attend. I heard from Christine Wise, for instance, that she can’t make the next few meetings.

24 Feb '17

@peter, did you decide on a new time and/or weekday for the regular meetings?

24 Feb '17

No, we didn’t. Next week will be at the same time. We can add it to the agenda then.

24 Feb '17


Looking forward for the next meeting.

Massoud M. AlShareef,

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