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2017-03-10 Internationalization SIG Meeting Invitation and Agenda

8 Mar '17

Date, Time, and Connection Information

10 Mar 2017 at 12:30pm UTC (7:30am Eastern U.S. time). The meeting will be held using Zoom meeting: https://zoom.us/j/207849732



  • Discuss I18N needs that are not yet on the spreadsheet

Discussion items

TimeItemWhoNotes30 minI18n tab in 2018 DocumentCatePage layout responsive to text direction for selected language moved to v1 because it's being considered in FOLIO UI componentsAdded row clarifying that FOLIO won't translate user-generated content (e.g. Notes) or library resource metadata (unless translation is supplied in source data)25Discussed other tab themes in document to see if any had I18n implicationsAnn-MarieMiscellaneous other international implications (not necessarily i18n - most should be covered by other tabs)What EDI standards are used in the middle east? Edifact is default standard. Between that and API communication, we should be covered globallyNeed to have flexibility in Acquisitions workflows, and even allow FOLIO use without AcquisitionsThere are many libraries that have campuses/branches in different countriesThey are getting by today in one way or another (separate systems, single system in English, other?) but FOLIO needs to do betterWill one language per tenant really be sufficient (even just for v1)?Implications for the consortia discussionThere are international considerations for data privacySome countries require data centers to be in a certain locationSome customers are satisfied if they can just get local backup5Planning for next meetingCateWe'll synch with Peter and rest of team by email to see if anyone has any additional agenda items for next weekIf not, we may pause meetings until we have something more to discuss (e.g. implementation options, handling of Asian languages etc.) Action items Cate will see if internationalization needs should be added to the consortia research questionsCate will send Harry a link to these notes so he can process anything that isn't already included in the other tabs

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14 Mar '17

After discussing the outcomes of last week’s meeting with Cate, it seems like we have reached a temporary hold in the activity of the Internationalization SIG. We have reviewed and revised the requirements in the FOLIO 2018 Release document and have a good background on issues to keep in mind for Arabic locales.

I’m postponing meetings of the I18N SIG until one of three things happen:

  1. We get input from people familiar with Asian locales; or
  2. The user experience designers or developers or another SIG has questions for us; or
  3. Someone from the I18N SIG identifies an issue we should address.

If you know of someone with experience in Asian locales or you have an issue to bring to the I18N SIG, please reply to this post or contact me directly.

17 Nov '17

Hi Peter,

I am Xiao from Xiamen University Library. I am interesting in translation work about FOLIO into Chinese. My email is zhengx@xmu.edu.cn. Please let me know if you needed someone do this work.

21 Nov '17

Hello @zhxxmu! Welcome to the FOLIO project discussion forum, and thank you for your interest in helping with translation. The project isn’t ready yet to work with translating the user interface of FOLIO. That work is being tracked by a ticket in our tracking system (FOLIO-821).

The FOLIO development teams work in two-week “sprint” cycles. The cycles are planned out until mid-January at this point (to get the system in a state for alpha release testing), and I don’t anticipate there will be time to add the translation infrastructure into the FOLIO project for the alpha release. I’ll add your interest to that issue and can be back in touch once the interface translation system is set up.

24 Nov '17

Ok,got it. Thanks for your information.