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Reporting SIG is starting up

7 Apr '17

The Reporting SIG is starting up. Here are some useful links:

If you have an active interest in the work of the Reporting SIG, or just want to lurk to see what is happening, set your notification preferences to “Watching” for the Reporting SIG category on Discuss.folio.org. That way you’ll receive email notifications of new posts; go to https://discuss.folio.org/c/sigs/rpt and follow these steps:

Lydia Pettis, the convener of the Reporting SIG, will close the Doodle poll next week and send out an announcement for the first meeting.

13 Apr '17

There is a reporting-sig mailing list at reporting-sig@ole-lists.openlibraryfoundation.orgmailto:reporting-sig@ole-lists.openlibraryfoundation.org. You can sign up for this list at: http://ole-lists.openlibraryfoundation.org or let me know.

17 Apr '17

The first meeting of the Reporting SIG is Monday, April 24th at 9:00 am Eastern U.S. time. (See this time in your time zone.) Contact @Lydia_Pettis, the Reporting SIG Convener, for more details.