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Where are the deployment files location of folio/folio-backend-auth in Debian?

31 May '17

Following the title, and I want to find out every mod-*-fat.jar etc. in OS Debian using username/password, i.e. where are the directories of them when you made this Debian OS?

31 May '17

The folio-backend-auth Vagrant box uses the Docker deployment method, not the “exec” deployment method. Take a look at the deployment descriptors available through the Okapi API (http://localhost:9130/_/discovery). Deployment descriptors are stored in /etc/folio/deployment-descriptors and are loaded on system startup by the okapi-deploy systemd service unit.

To see how the system was constructed, take a look at the folio-ansible project on GitHub. We use Vagrant and Ansible to build a FOLIO system on top of a vanilla Debian Jessie box, then package the VM and upload it to Atlas for others to use.