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Bibs, UX iteration 2

5 Jun '17

Please note: This video presents our optimal vision for this feature in FOLIO; What you see in this prototype is what we are working towards in the long run, and might not all be present in the first, developed version. Please help us improve it — share your questions, constructive feedback and ideas in the comments below.

27 Jul '17

Hi Filip,
I see you posted this over a month ago but I only just stumbled across it today so hopefully my comments are still relevant! It sounds like the Bib App would be where Cataloging staff would most likely access source records for updating. If so, I am wondering if the box in the upper right hand corner of the prototype (which contains what I assume is the simplified version of the bibliographic information of that title) would open up into a more detailed and editable version on a screen by itself? Also, is this what a search results screen would look like (with the highlighted bib selected)? I do appreciate the simple and clean look of the prototype and having all of this information on one screen–but I am a little afraid that in reality with the list of bib results on the left as well as the related items at the bottom, the screen will be crammed with info in a way that makes it less functional/easy to use especially if this is now the search results screen would be designed. Under the Bibs search results it looks like there is only space for title and author but we would probably need a bit more data to distinguish between bibs which would obviously use up more space on the screen. I still like the idea of being able to access all of this on one screen though…

27 Jul '17

Hi @natascha ,

Thanks for your comments! They’re definitely still relevant.

The idea of the columns (we call them “panes”) you see is that they are resizable by the user — maybe not in version 1 of the system, but in the longer run. The idea is also that if there isn’t sufficient space for the preview pane on the right to be meaningful in terms of showing enough information, the layout will switch to hiding the preview, and show a full-width search results list. When you then click an item in the list, the preview pane will then be shown, taking up the full-width. A back button in the interface — or even using the browser’s back button — will take you back to the list from there.

If you have a suggestion for what type of data you would like to see in a list like this, please post it on this thread so we can use it to detail the next iteration of this design.

We’re not sure yet if the editing of Bibliographic records will be in this app yet — we might have a different app that is specialized in editing — but the result in any case will be a full screen editing mode for the record.

If you have any more advice or questions, don’t hesitate to comment again! :slight_smile: