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:busts_in_silhouette: Users, UX iteration 4

5 Jun '17

Please note: This video presents our optimal vision for this feature in FOLIO; What you see in this prototype is what we are working towards in the long run, and might not all be present in the first, developed version. Please help us improve it — share your questions, constructive feedback and ideas in the comments below.

8 Jul '17

Some comments by page section
Patron Information:

  • patron group is such a core piece of information for us that it should be in this area, not separated below
  • email address should also be here (it’s actually much more important than the physical address)
  • indicator for type of phone# (mobile, home, work) would also be helpful
  • I think we really need a ‘view full patron info’ link out - there’s information that I wouldn’t want every single person to be able to see and that we don’t necessarily need to have crowding up this screen, but that we need to be able to get to very quickly.
  • if FOLIO will enable SMS messaging it would also be helpful to have an indication next to email or phone # to indicate preferred communication method (again not sure it needs to be this prominent).
  • I’m not entirely sure that we really want a physical address displaying this prominently, but if it’s here we’d need an indication of which address is being displayed (most patrons have at least 2)
    Loans and Holds:
  • should be separated into different categories, the information is very different and the link to more info would need to go to a different screen/view
  • brief lists aren’t terribly useful in either group. For most patrons you really wouldn’t get enough information and would just need to view more anyway. It would be more helpful just to show statistics (e.g. number of items on loan, if there are overdue items, if there are holds pending or available for pick up)
    Fields and criteria:
  • I love the added fields function, but am not sure how it would connect with loan rules. The point of the ‘honors student’ thing is that they get special loan privileges or services that override the patron group that is fed in for them. Some institutions do something similar for undergrads in their senior year or for people with physical disabilities. So this needs to interact with the loan rules.
    Not here:
  • We’ll need an area to see proxy info on this screen and to connect out to proxy configuration.
  • We need an indicator that there is a message for the patron (e.g. there’s something for them in the lost and found), a note from other staff (e.g. to warn about potential problem or interaction history) or a notice from the system itself (e.g. patron is blocked or about to expire or has a hold item ready to pick up). I’m assuming that’s what the notes field is for, but we’ll need some indication when it’s populated or better yet, how many notes there are. We’ll also need some notes to become pop-ups under certain conditions.

Filip - Please let me know if this needs clarification.
RA SIG folks - please chime in if you think I’m wrong on any of this!

13 Jul '17

@andrealoigman Thanks for your comments! We will try to incorporate the suggestions for the next UX prototype of this feature! :slight_smile:

29 Sep '17

Have you got a link to the User Permissions section?