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4 Jan '19

Hi Ou Yang,

We may help on Chinese use cases and interfaces. So please contact me when you finish your holidays.
Happy New Year!

Keven Liu
Shanghai Library

17 Jan '19


17 Jan '19

Are you going to be in ALA winter conference of 2019.
We can discuss this topic from vendor perspective.

6 Mar '19





11 Mar '19

Using Google Translate. Hopefully the translations are close enough to be understood.

@hanpengfei wrote:

Some personal opinions.

The purpose of localization is to better serve the local population. The reason for customization is due to some differences.

In order to make FOLIO a friendly system for users around the world, an open platform is a very good carrier. I hope to learn more about FOLIO and stimulate the needs of local Chinese users.

Thank you!

FOLIO is being built with an international audience in mind. One way that is being done is to set up a system for translating the text strings in the user interface. As I check this morning, 95% of the text strings have been translated to Simplified Chinese. There are 11 people registered to make Chinese translations in the project’s translation service (Lokalise.co).

FOLIO正在建立时考虑到国际观众。 正在做的一种方法是建立一个用于在用户界面中翻译文本字符串的系统。 正如我今天早上检查的那样,95%的文本字符串已被翻译成简体中文。 有11人在该项目的翻译服务中注册了中文翻译(Lokalise.co).

12 Apr '19

The google Chinese translation is understandable. Thank you, Peter.

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23 Feb '21

Hello Keven,
I am a librarian from UIC of Zhuhai city, Could you share some information on the usage,some librarian said the complexity of management is high, is right?

24 Feb '21

Hi Yogi Huang,

I am not quite sure what does it mean by complexity of management. Have they tested the system already? Which system is it? Can you give a URL? Our application is not yet live, some modules will be available by about April this year. We are very excited about the new platform. It may be very different from common ILS, but it is certainly no more complex than previous systems. However any unfamiliar system may be considered complex.


25 Feb '21

Yogi, in case your question addresses the technical part of system installation and management: There is a steep learning curve from traditional system installation to reasonably supporting the architecture that Folio is using (Microservices, preferably virtualisation & container deplyoment; orchestration). We are a library network headquarter and plan to host ourselves. But we recommend to single libraries not to host themselves, because the system is too complex. We recommend to occupy a network / consortium with the hosting. The libraries should then make service agreements (SaaS) with the consortium. I think this is also the plan in China, from what I have read.

26 Feb '21

Ingolf_Kuss1, Keven,
thanks for your answer, as you said, the system is too complex, maybe hosting is a great way to do this. And we are using Aleph, not in a hurry to change the system at now.
Hope Folio has a great start within Shanghai Library. I will increase my attention at Folio.