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Stripes Tutorial

8 Jun '17

Hi all,

I am trying to write a simple FOLIO module in order to understand the development process.
Writing an Okapi module is straightforward. However, I am struggling to write my own Stripes UI module.

Is there any how-to or tutorial how to write a simple Stripes UI module? Or are there some helpful resources?


9 Jun '17

There is some initial documentation, and overview docs to guide towards such topics. Here is one route:


That leads to the Stripes “Documentation Roadmap” and overview of the main docs, and necessary background understanding.

Eventually go via the foundation described in “The Stripes Module Developer’s Guide” to
Skeleton module.

9 Jun '17

Thank you, xley!
The hint to the Skeleton module was very helpful.

I think my problem was a yarn related bug: https://github.com/yarnpkg/yarn/issues/2611.
It is noted here as well: https://github.com/folio-org/stripes-core/blob/master/doc/quick-start.md#using-local-code