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:earth_americas::speech_balloon: Volunteer UX translators wanted

23 Jun '17

In the UX team we are looking for people who would be willing to spend some hours every week translating user experience (UX) demonstration videos, articles and interfaces from English, in voice and in writing, as well as translating written feedback on UX designs to English. The purpose is to reach out to, and get advice from, a global user group, so we can ensure global usability of the system in real life.

Please send me a message or comment on this post if this is something you are interested in helping out with.

Thank you,

10 Jul '17

Dear Filip,

I am writing on behalf of QULTO team (www.qulto.eu). We are involved in FOLIO development and beyond that we have available capacity to translate and localise the above mentioned stuff to Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian and Turkish languages. In these countries we have colleagues with knowledge in the library field and they all can spend some hours every week on the FOLIO project. Can you specify the task in more details or just send me a package of stuff to be translated? Then it is possible to estimate the time needed to complete the translation task and make decision.

Waiting for your response,

18 Jul '17

Dear Filip,

As a member of the Internationalization SIG, KnoeledgeWare Techonolgies
http://kwareict.com/onepage_d8/ar is interested in helping out with the
translation of FOLIO materials to Arabic.

ِAs the leading Arabic Software translation volunteer since 2008, we are
currently taking care of localizing many leading OSS (Arabic Koha
http://koha.maktabat-online.com/, Arabic DSpa
http://repository.taibahu.edu.sa/ce, Arabic VuFind
http://koha.maktabat-online.com/vufind/, Arabic SubjectsPlus
http://subjectsplus.maktabat-guides.com/subjects/, Arabic Drupal Themes
http://blog.maktabat-guides.com/, and Arabic ORCID (coming soon)), and
thus we have built and continuously maintain rich glossaries of ِArabic
terms commonly in use today in the Arabic library and Arabic content
publishing environments.

If I understand your request, here are the names and emails of the relevant
people at KnowledgeWare whom you can invite for the Arabic FOLIO language
translation and UX R2L testing:

Dina Hashim (dina@kwareict.com)
Massoud AlShareef (massoud@kwareict.com)

Massoud M. AlShareef,

                     عالم الانجازات ينحاز دوماً مع المتفائلين

The world of achievement has always belonged to the optimist!

KnowledgeWare Technologies
(P.O. Box 230-719)
Riyadh 11321, Saudi Arabia
Cel: +966 505 307 267
Email: massoud@kwareict.com
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/massoud/
Blog: http://massoudalshareef.wordpress.com/

CONFIDENTIALITY NOTE: This communication and any attachments hereto contain
information that may be privileged, confidential and exempt from
disclosure, and may be covered by the Electronic Communications Privacy
Act, as well as other applicable laws. The information is intended solely
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Thank your for your compliance.

24 Jul '17

Filip, sorry for my delay in responding. Awhile back I gave Peter Murray a list of Cornell people willing to do translations. They cover a lot of languages. Please check with Peter. Thanks! – Holly

25 Jul '17

Thanks, Holly — I will talk to Peter

25 Jul '17

Thank you, @massoud :slight_smile: !

I have sent you further instructions on how to get started with the translation to Arabic.

2 Aug '17

Dear Filip,

I’m available for Japanese translation!

Thank you,

2 Aug '17

That sounds great, @naganeayu! I’ve sent you a private message with details

15 Aug '17

Hi Filip,I want to be a volunteer UX translator for FOLIO.
I have worked on software development of digital library for 15 years in CALIS.I understand the relevant business of Chinese academic libraries.So i think i am the right person.The only problem is that my English level is low.That is my weakness.

15 Aug '17

Hi Mike,

Thank you for your message!

I will send you a private message shortly :slight_smile:


17 Nov '17

Hello @filipjakobsen i’m from EBSCO Brazil, and we’ve a team together with the IBICT, a Brazilian agency that helps in the promotion of free software for libraries and researches for open access and we want to help in the translation of the Folio to PT_BR, Brazilian Portuguese.
We would like to know where we can start, which files we can download, perform the translation and send again?
My email is kanthony@ebsco.com and our colleague Milton Shintaku is milton.shintaku@gmail.com.
Could you help us?
I wainting youu response!
Thanks so much and have a nice weekend

17 Nov '17

Hi Kelson,

Thanks for your message. If you are interested in helping translate the UX prototype material to Portuguese, I can send you that material. If you are thinking about helping translate the strings in the real interface, I think we are working on a solution to let people to do that, but to my knowledge, it’s not fully ready yet.

Let me know which tasks you are interested in helping with! :slight_smile:

21 Nov '17

Just to follow-up with what Filip said, the project isn’t ready yet to work with translating the user interface of FOLIO. That work is being tracked by a ticket in our tracking system (FOLIO-821).

The FOLIO development teams work in two-week “sprint” cycles. The cycles are planned out until mid-January at this point (to get the system in a state for alpha release testing), and I don’t anticipate there will be time to add the translation infrastructure into the FOLIO project for the alpha release. I’ll add your interest to that issue and can be back in touch once the interface translation system is set up.

21 Nov '17

@filipjakobsen and @peter thanks for your response!
Filip, i believe that i can help in both ways. @Tiago_Rodrigo_Marcal and Milton can help too.

22 Nov '17

Hi, I am Camila Feitosa from IBICT in Brazil. We have a group willing to translate FOLIO to Portuguese.

22 Nov '17

Hi filip,

I’m form Ibict and we can do both, translate prototype material and strings. we can also help work on a solution to I18N.