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Folio Codex Workshop / Wireframe portion

11 Jul '17


I’m hoping to get some clarification on the wireframes that Cate Boerema presented at Friday’s Folio Codex workshop. I think that Cate stated that her demo was to show functionality, not the look, but I want to be sure I understood that correctly.

How or where do Cate’s wireframes come together with Filip’s prototype? I’m looking specifically at these two views:
Cate: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B18Bhhmr94zaVVo2aE5aUlYtM28

Filip: http://ux.folio.org/prototype/en/bibs

Are these competing proposals?

11 Jul '17

Hi, Lisa. Tagging @cateboerema directly to make sure she sees your message. The short answer is that @filipjakobsen’s prototypes are the definitive work that the SIGs are looking at and the developers will use as the build the actual code. Cate was trying to get something shown quickly for us to be able to talk about the kinds of functionality we need; think of them more of like sketches than finished prototypes.

11 Jul '17

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for your questions!

Cate’s drafts or wireframes informed by them will appear as a prototype soon. Since we are still getting the new UX prototype setup up and running, Cate had not been able to turn her wireframes into a prototype w/ video walk-through before the meeting in question. For future meetings, we strive to make sure that everything will be available as a prototype + video before the meetings. It might be a little while before this is a reality, though, since we need to figure out a bunch of logistical things on the way :slight_smile:

Figuring out where the functionality fits in exactly with everything else is part of the iterative UX process and discussions, and so the meeting on Friday has helped bring us closer to an answer to that question; it should appear in the UX prototypes in the near future and have a more or less settled place in the context of all apps shortly after that :slight_smile:

13 Jul '17

In a way they do represent competing options. Not for styling (Filip’s win there by a long-shot) but for scope. I see these as the options:

  1. Separate apps for searching and CRUDing objects like Bibs (to be called something more generic like “Instances” in FOLIO), Items and Packages. This is what Filip’s current prototype shows.
  2. A single app for searching across Packages, Instance and Items with links to CRUD functions in context. This is what my wireframes show.

When we discussed this in the RM and MM SIG meetings and later in the Codex WG, people seemed to like option 2. It would also be totally possible to do both, but it seemed like we should focus on just one option for v1, since they are more or less two ways of doing the same thing.

That said, fleshing out the wireframes exposed some navigational peculiarities which might actually be solved by doing both options from the outset. Filip is going to look at that and we’ll evaluate from there. There may also be technical reasons to phase the work beginning with separate apps and add a combined inventory search app later.

So those are the considerations thus far. Looking forward to your thoughts, @lmccoll_lyu and others.

14 Jul '17

Thank you both, Cate and Filip. I feel like I understand now and can give appropriate feedback on the topic when we are asked about it. I appreciate your time!