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About Z3950 Search MARC data

How to use Z3950 server to search MARC data ?

Is there a suitable module in FOLIO Project?

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From the README for

z2folio is a Z39.50 server for FOLIO bibliographic and holdings data, supporting record retrieval in USMARC, OPAC and XML formats. The functionality is all provided by the Net::Z3950::FOLIO library, which is also part of this distribution. It is written in Perl, and follows standard Perl-module conventions.

Thank you for your reference. I have deployed this module, but I don’t know how to use it easily

Are you asking for z39.50 server functionality, where other systems can ask FOLIO for data or are you after a z39.50 client that would let you import data from other sources into FOLIO? I believe the former is what is on the table at the moment and closest to completion. Right, @zburke?

I want to import data from other sources into FOLIO.
How to configure the other Z39.50 server address in Net-Z3950-FOLIO , such as (IP: port:7090 database: Voyager)

@greenhillee: At the moment, there is not a way to use Z39.50 to import records into FOLIO. (The Z39.50 capability that @zburke and @ttolstoy mentioned is to make FOLIO a Z39.50 server.)

At the moment, there is activity starting on UXPROD-976, which is about using OCLC’s proprietary protocol for importing single records into FOLIO. You might also want to keep an eye on UXPROD-2437 (Import of a single Bib record in worksheet cataloguing mode) and UXPROD-1000 (MARCcat - External search for MARC Bibs).