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Auto-renewal functionality in FOLIO

Has there been any discussion, and/or is there any interest in auto-renew functionality in FOLIO? “Auto-renew” meaning that a checked out item will automatically renew to the patron to whom it is currently checked out if there are no other requests/recalls/holds on the item.

This came up at the Consortia SIG meeting today but is more relevant to Resource Access we think. Our hunch is that this is more prevalent in public libraries but may be working it’s way into academic libraries.

I brought it up in the Resource access channel a couple of months back. I can see what I can dig up.

Here is the start of the conversation:

Hi David. @andrealoigman is the convenor so can maybe give more info. I don’t believe there is anything about auto-renewal currently implemented or planned. But, there is infinite renewal. You can see elements of what’s there if you look at Settings --> Circulation --> Loan Policies.

Hi @David_Dahl - Sorry for the slow reply. Auto-renewal hasn’t been discussed in the SIG, though there is a place-holder for working on it.
I have to say that for me this is a bit of a funny question, since I was kind of hoping to use FOLIO’s inability as an excuse to stop doing this at my institution. But I see that it’s of interest to the folks from HBZ so I suppose we’ll need to surface it.

Thanks, @andrealoigman, and no worries. I’m glad to see that it has a placeholder at this point. I think that’s mainly what the Consortia SIG was looking for. At least for those represented on the SIG it sounds like it’s a desired feature versus something that they do (or even have available in their current systems) now.