Automated Slack Invitations now available

There is now a web page for self-service FOLIO Slack invitations:

If you run into problems, please let me know. Thanks to @andreashm for helping with the testing.

This is great @peter! Would you like a CNAME for the AWS server? You could then have it rewrite on the box to the the associated path. Also, should we move this into the upcoming community page on the site?

Yes – that’d be great. I’ll send you the details privately. I’ve already mentioned this page to @tamir for the upcoming community page on the main folio website.

slack signup page now says “Fail” when trying to signup.

Thanks for the report. We seem to have reached a limit in Slack; I’m investigating now.

I think the problem might have been too many outstanding invitations that had not been accepted. Please try again and report back success or fail. Thanks!

Hi Peter, I just tried and got the “Fail” message.

Thanks @ehartnett – I’m seeing an error from the Slack API again – response code 200 with body

    "ok": false,
    "error": "invite_limit_reached"

Checking further.

Created an issue to track this. Will be working on it this morning: [FOLIO-290] Slack invitations failing

@ehartnett - I’ve heard back from Slack that the limit has been lifted for our team. Could you try again, please and report back success or failure either here or on the [FOLIO-290] Slack invitations failing issues ticket?

I was able to create an account now. Thanks for your help.

Thank you, @ehartnett

Thank you, @ehartnett

thanks Peter, slack invites work again

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