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Automated workflows for EOD (by Ebe)



Needs to be EOD => EOCR => EDI. Folio needs to control the load order

Proposal to move some of the VALATech topic to functional SIG categories
FOLIO integrated vendors

In the Resource Management SIG, we are currently working on order workflow. We have discussed the need for automation of orders in both real time connections (e.g., via API) and batch processes. You can find the latest Stacks Work Package here:, as well as older versions. We welcome your comments!


Hi Alvet - do you know if Ebe is signed up for Discuss? If we have a discussion about this topic, will she see the discussion? It would be really helpful if she could provide more context. I’m guessing that she’s wanting to ensure that EOD (embedded order data) is loaded and the order created before you try to load the invoice that will need to match against it. Is that correct?


Hi @Ann-Marie - yes, I can see @kartus is signed up to discuss. I’ve added Ebe’s alias to this reply so she can see this discussion.