Collection analysis for budget utilization

Hello Peter,

Does RM do collection analysis based on the institute courses, for example % wise total collection on different teaching subject. Similarly % wise budget expenditure. This will help librarian to know the budget utilization.

Secondly as Helle [quote=“Helle_Lauridsen, post:2, topic:580”]
with staff becoming thinner and thinner is there a more automated approach?

I think, if we start with sorting collection based on ISBN /ISSN number and then on subject classification, we can recommend resources from external sources based on the teaching subject of the parent education institute. Please share your feedback.

Thanks Sunil

The Resource Management SIG is in the process of describing functional requirements for the open source apps to be built. To the best of my knowledge, the functionality you describe has not been added to those requirements. (There is a certain amount of overlap in the Reporting SIG as well.) FOLIO is early in development, and it would be great if you could join one of these SIGs to make sure your needs are added to the process.

Dear Peter,

thanks for your support. Let me know / share the link so that I can share my input.



The Resource Management SIG meets weekly (details are on the RM meetings and notes page). The best way to give input is to join the SIG meetings. (Everyone is welcome; there is no need for a special invitation to attend.) Alternatively, if that is not possible, it would be best to describe the needs here for further discussion and tag @cateboerema. Cate is the product owner for Resource Management at the moment, although I think someone else will be taking over that role soon.

In the meantime, I’m going to pull out these messages into a new topic with a better subject line so they can be more easily found.