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Copenhagen Meet-up: Summary of discussions from strategy and direction breakout

These are the notes I took as the Strategy and Direction breakout group reported out to all of the attendees. Please post corrections, enhancements, and questions.

  • What is the basis of the minimum viable product (MVP)? Some version of: select, acquire, describe and deliver
  • This is a moving target – it depends on a library’s needs (aligned with the strategy of the library and parent organization)
  • Is there need for a process to have discussions around the roadmap for the platform plus the roadmaps for apps (vendor and open source)? Do these need to move together?
  • Vendors may start with the non-existing, innovative pieces. That is where value can be added. If vendors know what is included in MVP, they can deliver apps to complement that.

For what its worth, the discussion about roadmaps for the platform aligned with roadmaps for apps made me think of the Eclipse simultaneous release process (sometimes called the “release train”). Once a year the main Eclipse integrated development environment will have a release, and there is a process for all of the components and plugins that want to be a part of that release to have their code included. It is obviously a well refined process at this point, but it may be a model we could consider.