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Differences between FOLIO and Kuali OLE?


How is FOLIO different than Kuali OLE? At first glance, it looks like the two are the same – open source library management systems.


Ah, I found my answer in a Marshall Breeding column: "After a thorough technical review of Kuali OLE software, EBSCO opted not to adopt its codebase as a starting point, but rather to invite the Kuali OLE partners to engage with the initiative. The reliance of the existing Kuali OLE application on the now-orphaned Kuali Rice infrastructure, with its inability to be deployed through modern SaaS technologies, made it unsuitable. Kuali OLE, despite its eight-year planning development process, has experienced slow growth beyond its initial development partners, and it has not yet completed electronic resource management functionality.

Given these findings, EBSCO decided on the creation of an entirely new open source LSP, backed with the resources to make a more effective impact than previous open source projects."


Hi Lola, FOLIO is being built on an entirely different architecture from Kuali OLE. There will be a forum on November 1, at 11 AM ET, that should be helpful in describing the project and work to date. Information when it’s available will be posted here: