Ebook metadata/Records in Folio


duplicative metadata for eBooks: some in the remote KB, which allows for accessing the eBooks in the library’s discovery layer, and some in locally-stored MARC records. Moving forward, do we see that scenario working differently in FOLIO (only use KB metadata perhaps?) and if so, 1) what does that mean in terms of the richness of the metadata and 2) what about current workflows that involve transporting non-bibliographic metadata in those local MARC records, e.g. acquisitions data? (From the MM-SIG Parking lot: Ann-Marie: 21 Sept 2017)


I would like a way to cut down on duplicative metadata without losing richness. I think for ebooks, a comprehensive description is important–access points like author, alternate titles, subjects–are critical for helping people find the books. I’d like to be able to use FOLIO to communicate with a link resolver KB to activate appropriate titles and have that KB record tied into a fuller bibliographic record (or whatever we will call it) stored or referenced within FOLIO.