ERM Review process: Review

Please see ERM Review/Renew/Cancel process for an overview of the ERM Review process being discussed here.

Review represents need for staff to be able to review how content and terms are changing within an agreement or subscription

  • Content
    • For what types of agreement/subscription do you need to do a comparison of the content? e.g. is this for “Big deals” only?
    • Information on changes to content during course of current agreement/subscription
    • Do you need to be able to compare current agreement to renewal options?
  • License Terms
    • What type of comparison is required here?

From the ERM Subgroup discussion on 2019-06-12:

KM: Content review might apply to a database/aggegator database - e.g. “Is this content available to us through other agreements/subscriptions”
KM: Individual titles not so much content but interested in changes like authorship or impact factor etc.
PM: Probably not for aggregators, but for deals - tracking changes, knowing things that have come out/gone in

License terms
UMass A: Ability to look across terms to see if there is opportunity to advocate for specific things - e.g. ILL, Accessibility