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Error booting FOLIO vagrant box


I am using Vagrant 2.0.3 and VirtualBox 5.1.32r120294 on a server and when I try the command vagrant up I get the following error:

Any ideas on how to fix this?


It might be a variation of this troubleshooting note:

As the note says … “Good luck”.


Thank you! My infra team got that error figure out.
My next problem: I should be able to see the page localhost:3000, right? My server which contains FOLIO/stable box is not local, so I am trying to access using but I receive an empty page. When I try I receive “Missing Tenant”.

What am I missing?


In future, please ask different questions as separate topics. That would be more visible, and someone else might assist.

Sorry, i cannot help with this one. I can run a box on my workstation, but do not know about across a network.


Sorry about that. I’ll keep in mind in the future.

I found a workaround: I connect to my server redirecting ports with -L 3000:localhost:3000 in the ssh command. Then, I access localhost:3000 in my workstation. It is a bit slow but works.
Hoping to find a permanent solution.