Exploration of the research process

At the October 5, 2016 FOLIOFoum, Jacob Jaskov presented some diagrams of researchers’ sources and workflows, based on his work exploring the research process. A link to the webinar and the recording is available here: https://www.openlibraryenvironment.org/archives/225 (recording should be available on October 6).

Attached are three of his diagrams, showing:

  1. The research process as a generalized workflow
  2. Information sources used by researchers.
  3. The research process with potential solutions.

Please add your comments and reactions to these workflows and diagrams.
Do you feel like they accurately represent the research process? Are there things that are missing?
How can the library and library systems better support researchers?
What other questions do you have?

Information sources.pdf (30.9 KB)
Research process.pdf (51.1 KB)
Research process - including solutions.pdf (67.8 KB)