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FOLIO Forum – By the Numbers: A First Look at the eUsage App

March 27, 2019

COUNTER statistics are an integral part of evaluating the acquisition of electronic resources. The eUsage app currently in development will be a tool to facilitate the seamless inclusion of usage statistics into the ERM processes within FOLIO. It supports automatic monthly harvesting of statistics from providers offering SUSHI APIs, as well as manual upload for providers that do not. It interacts with the agreements app, connecting an electronic resource agreement directly with the associated statistics. This enables many advanced features: filtering the COUNTER data according to the agreement’s actual holdings, getting finance information and calculating cost per download statistics, displaying preview statistics and graphs directly with the agreement and many more. In this forum we will give an overview of the app’s goals and overall design and then demonstrate the current development progress in a live demo. There will be plenty of opportunities for questions, requirements and feedback.


  • Annika Schröer, Digital Services, UB Leipzig
  • Richard Redweik, Developer, UB Leipzig