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FOLIO Forum: Fundamentals of the FOLIO Community

Recorded June 30, 2021.


This webinar is the first in a new series of onboarding videos for community members. It covers topics such as FOLIO’s governance structure and the relationship between libraries, vendors, and developers, user-experience design, and the FOLIO Code of Conduct.

Slides: 2021June-FOLIO onboarding community overview - Google Slides


  • Kathleen Berry, UMass
  • Mike Gorrell, Index Data
  • Simeon Warner, Cornell University

About the FOLIO Onboarding Series

This is the first in a series of videos from the Forum Facilitators to help members of the FOLIO community get acclimated to how FOLIO designs and builds apps, how the community is governed, and how to participate. Other pre-recorded videos will follow for topics such as:

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Hi @peter ! Is it possible for you to share slides used in Folio Onboarding Series videos? I’m going to present Folio in Code4Lib Japan, so I would like to refer to onboarding videos and slides, if allowed.

Yes! I edited the description to include a link to the slides. For the other videos in the onboarding series, links to the slides are in the video description on YouTube.

Thank you so much, @peter!