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Form Builder linked to "Apps" (by Sae Ra Germaine)




@msmarymac – Could you describe some more about what you are looking for here?


@peter – Libraries have to build forms quite frequently to be able to cater to various needs eg Copyright Compliance, feedback, surveys etc. so to be able to create forms and link between patron records and ILL or other modules would be very valuable.


This is a great idea!


I’d built such a forms engine back in the day that built a consistent form interface that had several user selectable field types and actions for when the form is submitted. @msmarymac is right that libraries build many of these, often around services in libraries that were not directly related to ILS-type functionality. The analog form replaced by these forms were often paper-based services. I’d be interested in discussion more about use cases and submit actions desired for such forms.


Interesting idea, @msmarymac! I like this idea because it stretches how we think about the FOLIO platform. In this case to include an app that patrons would directly use (as they provide input to a form).


The forms wouldn’t have to be shown inside the FOLIO interface if they are to be used by e.g. people who do not have a profile. That might be relevant, but in any case, a FOLIO that allows you to create embeddable forms for other websites could improve a lot of workflows. The ones mentioned, and also something like patron requests or patron support.


See 📝 Forms, UX iteration 1 for follow-up discussion.