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French translation and questions


I am just entering the French project translation. I probably won’t spent a lot of days, but it is a good way I thing to begin to contribute concretely to something and discover a little bit more the apps and the community processes.

  1. Does the Folio community described in english/english the “domain” vocabulary used in the project and is it followed in different modules ? (I didn’t found something explicit, maybe pages in tips & tricks ?)
  2. What are the modules integrated in the main folio localise project ?
  3. Does the module translatable strings are available in only one Folio project in localise ? (I think yes)
  4. Can I initiate an “english / french” glossary in a page like the Germans here : Before frenetically adding new translations, I would like to have a list of “functional” terms used and how we translate it. If it does not exists somewhere, I will propose a base than could be modified later (with 3 percents translated, I think I don’t take a uge risk to begin something…)

If you want to join me, feel free to contact me if it needs discussion, I am on Slack !

And thanks Peter :slight_smile:


Maybe for the fourth it is better to use the lokalise feature ? I don’t see an open format to export into so maybe not a good idea ?

Hello Claire! I apologize for the delay in replying. I have some answers and suggestions.

  1. There is a glossary of English terms on the FOLIO wiki, but I don’t think it is kept up-to-date. It was an early effort in the community to unify FOLIO terms with common library terms.
  2. To the best of my knowledge, all of the FOLIO library service platform apps are represented in the FOLIO project on Lokalise. (The ReShare Project has been talking about translation support for their apps, but we will likely create a separate Lokalise project for them.) If you find that an app is missing from Lokalise, please let me know. I try to keep up with new app creation, but I might have missed one or two.
  3. Yes, all FOLIO apps are in one Lokalise project. If you want to focus on just one app, you can use the “Filter” option to select a particular filename
  4. Sure! As you have found, I don’t think there are any active French translators at the moment, so this is a good time to work on a glossary.
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