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Greetings OCEANIA colleagues


Hello Australia, NZ and Asian colleagues,

I have set this discussion group up to discuss what we are looking for from FOLIO, or open source library systems in general. Local needs, specifications, resourcing etc.

Welcome everyone and please feel free to set up discussion topics that interest you,
Ruth Baxter


Greetings from the US. Welcome into FOLIO. Let us know if you need assistance in finding your way around. Lots going on, so it can be a challenge.

Also, I will be attending VALA in February. I’d appreciate being able to meet with fellow librarians that are interested or contributing to FOLIO.


Thanks Michael

I’m on leave until next Tuesday but will have a good look then

Thanks, Ruth

Manager Collection Access & Delivery
University Services
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Hi Ruth and all,

thanks for setting this discussion up. looking forward to working with everyone. I’m currently at VALA TechCamp and in the FOLIO session very excited to see where it will all go.


Sae Ra

Manager, Digital Platforms


I’m here too.
Promise to develop this forum more post VALATechCamp

Ruth Baxter
Manager Collection Access & Delivery
University Services