How can publishers & content providers help?


I’ve just joined the FOLIO community as I came across the project at the recent UKSG conference. I’m responsible for managing content discovery at Emerald Publishing, so I spend a lot of my time talking to and working with Library Discovery Service providers. I’ve a particular interest in metadata feeds (XML, KBART, MARC, etc.) and have been working with metadata for a long time, in this role and at my previous job with IOP Publishing.

I’d like to get involved with the FOLIO project as I understand that now is a good time for input re content ingestion. I note that there doesn’t seem to be much representation from content providers or publishers on the SIG at the moment, so I was wondering if I might be able to contribute.

How can I help?


Welcome @Mike_Roberts to the FOLIO Community. Yes, now is a good time for subject matter experts to contribute to the design and specification process. Our Metadata SIG may be the one for you (meets on Thursday at noon EDT) and the Resource Management SIG (meets on Friday at 8:30am EDT) particularly regarding subscribed licensed materials. You can find the meeting connection information on the wiki pages for these SIGs (

Looking forward to meeting you.

@michael.winkler Thanks for the swift reply! I’ll have a look at the SIG wikis and see if I can get to some of the meetings.