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Hungarian interface


I would like to participate in the folio project. (As a librarian.) And I would like to propose and ask for help for a Hungarian front-end/interface.

Thanks for your help.

Zoltan Kovács


Hello, @zoli91! Welcome to the FOLIO project. Almost all of the effort for a user interface to FOLIO apps is happening in the special interest groups for the various functions of the system. There is a cross-functional special interest group that is looking at the needs for various locales (the Internationalization SIG). That group has not met for a while; the initial list of internationalization requirements was reviewed earlier this year, and the functionality needed for the first release was identified at that time. From a general internationalization perspective, it would be great if you could look at that list and see if there is important functionality that is missing. If so, let me know and we can call a meeting of the Internationalization SIG to discuss.

If you have an interest in a particular functional area (for example, cataloging or acquisitions or circulation) let me know and I can get you connected with the appropriate SIG convener.

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Dear Zoltán,

At Monguz ( as developer partner to FOLIO project, we have started to translate FOLIO to Hungarian and some other languages. If you are still willing to cooperate our team is open for you. Please, reply here or send an e-mail to our team leader Ildikó Papp
Waiting for your reply!

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Dear Janos,
I am still willing to take part in the translation project.
What would be my role in this? (I ask it, as a newbie to this)
Zoltan Kovacs

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PS: role = exact role

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I will try to chime in on this discussion — @zoli91, we are currently translating UX videos and UX prototypes (you can see that there are different languages to switch between on ux.folio) — since @Janos_Pancza and team is currently working with the Hungarian translation, it’s probably most practical for the three of us to coordinate so there is no duplication :slight_smile:

Dear Filip! I’ve joined the discussion group and the FOLIO development in 2017. But I’ve been busy for a “while” with other tasks, being absent and missed your message already then. I’d still like to add some additional quality to the group. I’ve learned some programming, but basically I’m just a librarian (ok, I can use stack overflow:), not a professional software developer. I don’t really know what I can be for your service now. Zoltan

Dear Janos,
I’m still interested can I help in something still.
Best regards,
Zoltan Kovacs

Hello, @zoli91. Happy New Year and thank you for your interest in the FOLIO project. One area that could use some assistance is in translating the software messages from English into Hungarian. Right now about 11% of the FOLIO user interface has translations for Hungarian.


If you would like, I can set up an account for you on Lokalise, the tool we are using to make the translations.

Hello @peter Happy New Year. It would be great if I could be involved in this project. I would appreciate it, if you would set up an account on Lokalise.