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ID-managed AND "Local" Users



Apologies if I’m missing discussion of this, but in the authentication scenarios for library patrons, is the system designed to allow both centrally authenticated (CAS, shibboleth, etc.) and “local”, FOLIO-only, patron accounts? Do we have examples for what a patron login scenario would look like?


I don’t think it’s clearly documented at the moment, but the way things currently work with the existing shibboleth module is that it adds a “Login with SSO” button to the login screen. So a local user would provide a userid/password at that screen, and a shibboleth user would click on the SSO button and be sent to the institution’s central login.


Thanks. Can we have multiple SSO instances providing auth on a single tenant?


Hmmm – interesting. In the Codex Search we have a multiplexer model where more than one inventory or knowledgebase can be searched at one time. I wonder if the same thing could be applied to the authentication modules.

It would be best to get this written up as a feature request in the backlog so that it eventually gets to a product owner for story development. @cam2 – is that something you can do?