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Is there development in the area of products competing with the likes of Leganto (interfacing with LMSes)?

Is there development in the area of products competing with the likes of Leganto (interfacing with LMSes)?

Hello, Ray! Welcome to the FOLIO community. Duke University has done some LTI work (see UXPROD-3118 for example) that makes some integration with the existing Courses app. @enettifee from Duke may have some more insights to offer.

What sort of integrations with learning management systems were you wondering about?

Hello Peter,

I was wondering if Leganto was really the only product out there with the reading list capabilities. It really seems to have no competition.


Talis Aspire is a different solution, used mainly in the UK and Australia/New Zealand

Others may have more information…I haven’t followed this part of the educational software in a while.

Hi @schwartzray - Duke built an LTI integration (edge- and ui- modules) that can support external LMSes connecting to the Courses module. We are successfully using it to support Duke courses using Sakai. So far I believe we’re the only institution live with it, but I know 5 Colleges has some interest, and Lehigh has also mentioned wanting to explore it.

I think the reading list model has not yet had wide adoption for US libraries (who were most, though not all, of the institutions driving initial Courses app development.) And FOLIO itself wouldn’t build a Leganto-like app since FOLIO doesn’t provide its own discovery layer - individual institutions can use the tool that works for them. I do think an Open Source option would be of great interest to libraries, particularly if it worked well with existing tools like VuFind or Blacklight. Like @ann-marie, the only Leganto competitor I’m aware of is Talis Aspire.

We’d be happy to chat more with you either here or over in the #ra-reserves channel in the FOLIO slack - that’s where most of the course reserves discussion is happening these days.